Monday, November 4, 2013

Antibiotics for Kennel Cough
Antibiotics for Kennel Cough
A lot of vets will address your animal conservatively with a cough suppressant and, maybe, some antibiotics and reserve additional testing and therapy choices for the few animals that do not completely recover in a week or two.

Vets think twice to hospitalize pets with uncomplicated kennel cough. First, they usually recover much faster in the house and second, they have the tendency to spread their infection to the various other hospitalized clients.

If your pet is in distress and your vet has eliminated anything much more severe than kennel cough, the animal might feel better with aerosolized (nebulized) intensifies that dilate the lungs (ipratropium, Atrovent, aminophylline, albuterol) or that loosen and crack up mucus. (Mucomyst). Many animals feel better after steam therapies to ease congestion.

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